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Last Updated: May 30, 2013

Y-Indian Princess Leather Vests

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Vest Size
Adult Medium
Egbert is 6' 3" tall
and weighs 195 lbs.

Vest Size
Child Medium
Little Elphabelle is 50" tall
and weighs 44 lbs.


Four different sizes:
All four vest sizes are shown
click for larger image

Vest Size
Adult Large
Ceowald is 6' 4"tall
and weighs 225 lbs.

Vest Size
Child Large
Little Elgifa is 55" tall
and weighs 73 lbs.

Some guidelines for choosing which size vest you need:

Size Child Medium
This will fit the majority of 6 year olds now, and will probably last a petite girl for 3 years.
Size Child Large
This will be a little large for the majority of 6 year olds, but it will have room for a sweater/jacket and will allow for growth over 3 years. We have sold this size more than 2 to 1 for children who try on the samples. Also gives sufficient space for patches. 
Size Adult Medium
A very snug 43 coat size. 
Probably need the larger size to accommodate a sweater/jacket, if you are an actual 42.
Size Adult Large
This is a little smaller than coat size 46-48.
We have sold this size more than 3 to 1 over the smaller size.

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