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Last Updated: January 10, 2009


Bob Williams Campout

Come join the fun at our own
Yellowknives Princesses and Yellowknives Guides


Bob Williams invites the Yellowknives to tent camp on his property each winter.  Son's are welcome.  Bob and his daughter are past Yellowknives members.  Bob has a pontoon boat, peacocks, bunnies, a horse and the biggest fire logs you've ever seen.  We'll gorge on Jambalaya and Chili to drive away all the wild animals.

Some history on Bob's neighbor
Bob's property in Port Orange, FL. adjacent to "Gamble Place" the historic museum within the Spruce Creek Preserve.  This 150-acre facility is home to cypress trees, alligators, pileated woodpeckers and osprey.

In 1898, James N. Gamble, of the Procter and Gamble Company and a longtime winter resident of Daytona Beach, bought this land on Spruce Creek for use as a rural retreat. In 1907, he built a small cracker cottage with an open front porch and a breezeway connecting a separate kitchen and dining room, which he named "Egwanulti," a Native American word meaning "by the water." At the same time, he rebuilt an existing packing house to process citrus from his grove.

In 1938, Gamble's son-in-law, Alfred K. Nippert, completed the "Snow White House," a Black Forest style cottage inspired by the Disney animated film classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The house is surrounded by a Witch's Hut, the Dwarfs' Mine Shaft, and an elaborate network of rock gardens. Collectively, these buildings and grounds form a historic landscape now known as Gamble Place. This property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.


The temperature can get down into the upper 20's.  So check the weather and come prepared!

Hope to see you there!!


Last year we had nearly all the Yellowknife Princesses and many sons. 
Princess dads, your son's don't have to be in the Yellowknife Indian Guides to come.

(It is about a three hour drive to Bob's place, 220 miles)

Bob Williams
1793 Taylor Rd
Port Orange, FL 32128-6842

Directions, Turnpike North to Fort Pierce. Jump onto I-95 North. Get off at the Port Orange Exit. Head West about 2 miles Taylor Road is on the left, at the "giant red maibox". More information will be posted on specific directions.  


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Important Dad's Planning Night

Food: Cost for communal food and PortaPotties is about $65 and includes, plates,
condiments and soft drinks/juice/water. Please plan on bringing your money for food to the planning night.  Actual cost will be divided by the number of families that commit to go.

If you commit to attending this campout and do not attend the event, you will still owe the tribal kitty for food that was bought for you.

At Peace River we cooked:

Friday evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday evening
Sunday Morning

If you or one of you children want something "special" such as a specific cereal, type of mustard, type of hot dog, doughnut, or soft drink, Please bring it along yourself as we will be buying only the "basics", and as always, are trying to stretch the bucks.

If you cannot make the Dads Meeting, but are still intending to camp at Bob's this weekend, PLEASE LET US KNOW WHEN YOU EXPECT TO ARRIVE! (do a reply to all)

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